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Thank you for checking out my bio. I grew up an Air Force brat, so I have lived in many places. Growing up, I was always on the move. Funny how your childhood can really prepare you for your future, isn't it? I had to learn at an early age how to not only make new friends wherever I ended up, but also how to really enjoy being alone at times. Jim Carrey has said that when he would get into trouble as a kid, he couldn't get sent to his room because that was his sanctuary. I feel the same way. I love being by myself. It's what has shaped my imagination and creativity as an artist and actor. Now my biggest inspiration is my sister. Her name is Daniella. She has Down syndrome, and she's the brightest light in this world I know. We love watching movies, going to plays, making art, etc! And she's why I love acting. Seeing her get so excited about me pursuing my dreams is an amazing thing to me. She has gone through so much, but she never has a bad attitude. I learn so much from her. We both love Elvis and The Rat Pack. I am a huge movie buff, and I must say that "horror" is my favorite genre. So that is just a little about me besides being an actor. If you'd like to check out my resume, hit the "IMDB" tab. Thanks for your time. As my sister says, "Have a fabulous day!"

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